What are Human Rights

Human rights are moral principles or norms that describe certain standards of human behaviour, and are regularly protected as legal rights in municipal and international law.They are commonly understood as inalienable fundamental rights “to which a person is inherently entitled simply because she or he is a human being,” and which are “inherent in all human beings” regardless of their nation, location, language, religion, ethnic origin or any other status. They are applicable everywhere and at every time in the sense of being universal, and they are egalitarian in the sense of being the same for everyone. They are regarded as requiring empathy and the rule of law and imposing an obligation on persons to respect the human rights of others, and it is generally considered that they should not be taken away except as a result of due process based on specific circumstances; for example, human rights may include freedom from unlawful imprisonment, torture and execution.

The doctrine of human rights has been highly influential within international law, global and regional institutions. Actions by states and non-governmental organisations form a basis of public policy worldwide. The idea of human rights suggests that “if the public discourse of peacetime global society can be said to have a common moral language, it is that of human rights.” The strong claims made by the doctrine of human rights continue to provoke considerable scepticism and debates about the content, nature and justifications of human rights to this day. The precise meaning of the term right is controversial and is the subject of continued philosophical debate; while there is consensus that human rights encompasses a wide variety of rights such as the right to a fair trial, protection against enslavement, prohibition of genocide, free speech, or a right to education, there is disagreement about which of these particular rights should be included within the general framework of human rights; some thinkers suggest that human rights should be a minimum requirement to avoid the worst-case abuses, while others see it as a higher standard.

Many of the basic ideas that animated the human rights movement developed in the aftermath of the Second World War and the events of The Holocaust, culminating in the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Paris by the United Nations General Assembly in 1948. Ancient peoples did not have the same modern-day conception of universal human rights. The true forerunner of human rights discourse was the concept of natural rights which appeared as part of the medieval natural law tradition that became prominent during the European Enlightenment with such philosophers as John Locke, Francis Hutcheson and Jean-Jacques Burlamaqui, and which featured prominently in the political discourse of the American Revolution and the French Revolution. From this foundation, the modern human rights arguments emerged over the latter half of the 20th century, possibly as a reaction to slavery, torture, genocide and war crimes, as a realisation of inherent human vulnerability and as being a precondition for the possibility of a just society.

About US

United Bureau of Human Rights and Crime Control (UBHRCC) is a Social helping hand and an Organization for the ignored, disregarded, over- looked, victimised oppressed, depressed, tortured people of the Society and it cultivates awareness in them with regards to their RIGHTS.

United Bureau of Human Rights and Crime Control (UBHRCC) is a high informative secured Human Rights Agency that time to time collects problems, complaints and grievances of the sufferers and anti-social, anti-Governmental activities and places them in front of prevailing Government, Administration, Police and Court, Simultaneously, United Bureau of Human Rights and Crime Control (UBHRCC) works generously without any selfishness for the welfare of the Society with a broad mind and a Big Heart that United Bureau of Human Rights and Crime Control (UBHRCC) a generous and ameliorated Organization.

United Bureau of Human Rights and Crime Control (UBHRCC) is an exploring, explosive and investigating News Agency that reveals and exposes breaking news of the Government –Ignored-ones, and the news of Criminal nature to the World of Press and Electronics Media.

United Bureau of Human Rights and Crime Control (UBHRCC) is an intrepid, fearless, impartial, neutral and independent Organization that pens against Crime, Corruption in Society, against anti Nationalism, in human activities and with the strength of the Court and Media Brings improvement and creates awareness in the minds of the Governed and the Governing.

United Bureau of Human Rights and Crime Control (UBHRCC) is creating a favorable atmosphere of Art, Culture, Literature, Amiability and Assistance.

United Bureau of Human Rights and Crime Control (UBHRCC) has been amalgamating integrating and unifying the Intellectuals, Youths, Students, Ladies, Businessmen, Authors, Laureates, Poets, Writers, Social Workers into a single unit for the protection of Human Rights , Liberties & Social Justice and a favorable environment.

United Bureau of Human Rights and Crime Control (UBHRCC) is endeavoring to open Residential Secular School, College, Hospital and Old-Age-Home in all parts of the Country and exerting for literacy campaign.

United Bureau of Human Rights and Crime Control (UBHRCC) shall fight against communalism and terrorism and determined for establishing the atmosphere of peace.

United Bureau of Human Rights and Crime Control (UBHRCC) is a revolutionary Organization to enlighten and strengthen the name and fame of Human Rights in the Country.

United Bureau of Human Rights and Crime Control (UBHRCC) has been organizing different Meetings, Seminars, Conventions, Assemblies, Conferences, Cultural Programmes, Youth Camps, and Judiciary Camps since came into the existance.

United Bureau of Human Rights and Crime Control (UBHRCC) well deserves all the Human Rights Declared by United Nations Organization.

United Bureau of Human Rights and Crime Control (UBHRCC) is with all these social N.G.O.’s that are working for Human Rights , Liberties & Social Justice.

United Bureau of Human Rights and Crime Control (UBHRCC) is prepared to provide all possible assistance for rehabilitation of Socially, Economically, and psychologically depressed and victimized People.

WORKING PROCEDURE OF United Bureau of Human Rights and Crime Control (UBHRCC)

First of all, United Bureau of Human Rights and Crime Control (UBHRCC) tries to unearth and unveil the truth of any problems, complaints, grievances, illegal and criminal activities, then and thereafter, firstly, United Bureau of Human Rights and Crime Control (UBHRCC) generously conveys it to the Nation, or for the benefit of the people, it thinks it’s duty to bring it to the knowledge of the Ruling Authority or to the Administration, Police, or to the Concerning Agencies, Court etc.

The reason-why is to ensure the agencies, those who are protectors and preservers of Law their responsibility and answerableness to their Constitution and People. Firstly, United Bureau of Human Rights and Crime Control (UBHRCC) ,of its own knows the strength and reality of the case Levitra having enquired into the facts individually and then and there after without any selfishness and ill- motive, places in the hands of the Law for further investigation and justice.

If the Administration/Government or the Police Department overlooks the complaints, notices lodged United Bureau of Human Rights and Crime Control (UBHRCC) or shows a deaf ear to it, then United Bureau of Human Rights and Crime Control (UBHRCC) conveys the same to the Court, or through Media to the People so that the Governed might make a good guess about the Governing and they make a right choice with regards to their elected ones near at hand.

Through the Medium of its Organization/Magazine/ Web Site, United Bureau of Human Rights and Crime Control (UBHRCC) raises it voice against all sorts of evils and injustice boldly, simultaneously United Bureau of Human Rights and Crime Control (UBHRCC) creates consciousness, awareness in the minds of the people and educates them to train their minds to be united. Through the medium of its written communication, it alerts the Government, defaces, and unveils the criminals and corrupt people and as such it works as a Security Guard to the people.

United Bureau of Human Rights and Crime Control (UBHRCC) in liaison with NGO’s & G.O’s seeks mutual help for a better coordination to form a welfare society.

Founder & National President Message

You are a human being. You have rights inherent in that reality. You have dignity and worth that exist prior to law. – Lyn Beth Neylon

I am delighted to introduce United Bureau of Human Right and Crime Control (Reg.) a leading social organization, working for the protection of Human rights, liberties and social justice for all people at National & International Level., and providing legal assistance to the needy and under-privileged. United Bureau of Human Right and Crime Control (Reg.) has translated its avowed objectives at the grassroots level through camps, conferences, seminars, conventions, cultural programmes, family courts and free legal services to the underprivileged.

HAPPINESS and SORROW are meant to be shared. No one should be considered High or Low in the eyes of even the God men. So should all be treated equally in the eyes of the State and the governmental machinery. Gone are the days of bonded labour and slavery! It should be considered a crime to ill-treat any one on account of gender, age, caste, colour or religion.

Co-Founder & Director

In an ordered society, for the overall development of the human personality, rights play a very significant role. The rights of the individual are the conditions under which Hayek is able to realize his ideals, that is, the individual can realize his cherished goals only when he has the minimum set of rights.

The definition of human rights can be best explained in the words of Laski as ‘Rights, in fact, are those conditions of social life without which no man can seek, in general, to be himself at his best’. In simple terms, rights are the basic conditions of man’s good life, which are recognized as such by the legal code of the state.


In negative terms, ‘Rights are those opportunities the absence of which deprives man of something essential’. According to Laski, ‘state is known by the rights that it maintains’. The realization of rights can only be possible in a democratic state where liberty and equality coexist.

Without liberty, the rights of the people cannot be safeguarded. In democratic regimes, the periodic elections, alternative party system, free press and independent judiciary are very vital for implementation of the rights. And the citizens have the power to exercise certain rights, which the state should not ordinarily curtail.

Human rights are international moral and legal norms that aspire to protect all people everywhere from severe political, legal and social abuses. Examples of human rights are the right to freedom of religion, the right to a fair trial when charged with a crime, the right not to be tortured and the right to engage in political activity.

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